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By: muskanpah | May 04, 2018

One may reside at any place across the globe, yet, be able to send birthday gifts to India. How is this possible? Well, it is all thanks to the dedicated efforts of the staff managing online stores. Whenever a customer places an order for an item, or even several items, the delivery boys ensure that everything reaches the recipient’s doorstep on the scheduled date and at the scheduled time.

Mouth-Watering Cakes

One need not adhere to the usual stuff sent across as birthday presents, all the time. Instead, the giver may decide to gladden the recipient’s heart in a different way this time! To illustrate, everybody, young or old, loves to gorge on oh-so-soft and melting-in-the-mouth cakes! Therefore, if the receiver is a newborn, or even a toddler, it might be worthwhile to parcel a 1-kg cake filled with delicious chocolate and displaying a child’s photograph on top. It may seem as if the child is resting on a bed of chocolate! Alternatively, one may opt for cakes with diverse shapes, such as alphabets, toys, cartoon characters, etc.

If it would be better to gift a bigger cake, then one could go for 2 kg or 3 kg specimens containing ingredients like luscious strawberries, creamy butter, soft vanilla, juicy pineapple, or fresh fruits.

Gift Hampers

This is nice, for one can fit at least three to four gifts inside a well-decorated package. For instance, imagine a basket with a pair of aristocratic-looking, bright-yellow lilies standing on either side as ‘soldiers’. They take charge of a dozen, brilliantly red, fragrant roses. Nestling on the bed of roses, are a pair of tiny, cuddly teddy bears with red ears, red noses and red hearts! How does one think the receiver will react to such an unusual gift?

Now, if the recipient were extremely health conscious, it would be good to fill the basket with a large assortment of fresh fruits. Five or more, purple-coloured Orchids may dangle over the fruits. Other combinations would be a box of sweets and a bouquet of flowers, a large cake and an arrangement of flowers, and so on.

Soft Toys

Does the recipient love quirky gifts? For instance, there is an Emoji with a pair of dashing sunglasses over the eyes, suggesting the entry of a hero! Then again, there is the romantic dying to award a flying kiss, and the handpicked Emoji.

Amongst the awesome teddy bears, there is a pair of pink specimens giving ‘bear hugs’ to one another! This may signify romance, friendship, or a family relationship. Whatever is the case, the mischievous eyes, the perky smiles and the close proximity suggest a wonderful bonding between giver and recipient! Amazingly, these bears seem almost human, thanks to the expressions displayed on their charming faces! As for their sizes, one may opt for a tiny six inches, or much larger 30 inches.

Other birthday gifts to India include apparel, cosmetic products, clothing accessories, diverse types of flowers, a variety of sweets, packages of dry fruits, and scrumptious chocolates.


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