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Diwali Sweets for your Loved Ones in India

India is a land of festivals and Diwali has an important place among all the festivals that are celebrated in India. Diwali brings extra joy in the lives of people in India. People like to celebrate Diwali with their family and friends. They prepare sweets at home and visit each other houses to exchange sweets with their loved ones. These days due to busy schedule, people visit the sweets shop and buy sweets for their loved one. Those who do not have time to visit the market, place online order to send Diwali Sweets for their loved ones.

Diwali celebrations become special as the festival is enjoyed with friends, relatives, neighbors and all other associated. In the most auspicious day of the year, the menu is prepared carefully so the everyone can enjoy it with great pleasure.

When you have guests at home on Diwali, you must be wondering, what you should offer them. On Diwali, sweets have an important place. So, you should be extra careful with sweets selection. In this article, we are trying to suggest some options. This year, include the following snacks and desserts to the palate to bestow the best luscious Diwali party bonanza for all your guests.

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1. Coconut Barfi and Laddoos
Coconut Ladoos are Bengali preparation. People in Bengal start preparing them from the beginning of the Navaratri. As a tradition, coconut Laddoos are offered to goddess on Bengali Laksmi Puja. For Diwali, dry fruits are added to coconut mixes to prepare special homemade sweets
Diwali sweets

2. Badam Kheer
Badam Kheer is also a popular dessert among people. This highly palatable dessert is loved by many and offered to all loved ones on Diwali. Badam Kheer is prepared with crushed nuts, ghee, milk and lots of other rich ingredients. The taste of the Badam Kheer fills the mouth with crunchy and juicy taste.
Another option in Dry Fruits preparation is Kaju Rolls. These special desserts are made with cashew nuts, pistachio and kesar. These ingredients are properly mixed with sugar to give a sweet taste. The inner filling in rich saffron flavor is known for its taste. These exceptional Diwali Sweets can be offered to any one across the age group and gender.

3. Doda Barfi

Doda Barfi is Punjabi dessert food preparation. These sweets are very popular all across India. So, you can buy them across India in same authentic Punjabi taste. Doda Barfi is made of lots of ghee, nuts, dalia and milk cream.

4. Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun are popular Indian dessert across India. They are loved by all. These days, you may find Gulab Jamun Mix at all grocery shops. However, if you are seeking the authentic savory delight, they are readily available in all sweet shops and online stores.

Wrapping Up,

Several other Diwali Sweet options are available for you. You need to think about you guests while finalizing the menu for desserts. If you are too busy with Diwali preparations, you order send Diwali Sweets online for your loved one.